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Our mission is to keep your dog safe, secure and tick free. Dog Not Gone Visibility and Tick Repellent  dog vests are made with pride in Maine using No Fly Zone fabric. Permethrin (.52%) is bonded with the fibers of this fabric, making it insoluble.  This healthy method of tick protection keeps your dog safe.

Our exclusive double Velcro closure ensures the vest fits perfectly and won’t come off even in the thickest cover. All dog vests are available in blaze orange, hot pink and neon green.  These Made in USA hi viz dog vests fit small dogs (7+ pounds) to big dogs (110+ pounds)



Dog Not Gone products are all made in the USA!
AND did you know that the 10 mile cloth is also Made in the USA of durable high quality fibers? Keeping your dog safe has never felt this good.

What is Permethrin and how does it repel ticks?



We attend many shows and events throughout the year to promote and sell our No Fly Zone products and our number one question is “What is Permethrin and how does it repel ticks?”. Hearing this question over and over is the motivation that keeps me on this guerrilla marketing campaign to spread information about Permethrin to the public and help prevent the spread of Lyme Disease.

To answer this common question, Permethrin is a synthetic compound that has the same properties as the Chrysanthemum flower. Both repel biting insects but Permethrin is a pesticide created for commercial use. The No Fly Zone fabric is permanently treated with Permethrin by “baking” it onto the fibers of the fabric when woven with the company’s proprietary treatment. The resulting fabric is effective in repelling ticks and biting insects up to 70 washings and does not come off on your skin or your dogs skin, even when wet. Permethrin treated fabric is EPA registered and recommended by the CDC to protect against insect borne illness.

Permethrin treated fabric is commonly used in commercially-sold hiking and hunting gear manufactured by L.L. Bean, REI, and Dog Not Gone/No Fly Designs among other similar companies. Also, in July 2010, the Army began issuing factory-permethrin-treated, flame-resistant, combat uniforms to all deploying Soldiers after extensively testing the treated fabric to ensure the insect protection is effective for the life of the uniform. 

Dog Not Gone and No Fly Designs are proud to use No Fly Zone fabric in all their products to help people repel biting insects and prevent insect borne illness. All our products are Made in Maine with this Made in USA fabric. For more information, please check out

Spring Events to find Dog Not Gone & No Fly Designs

Bill Swain

Even though we had some of the coldest temps on record last week, Scientists are saying that the ticks are still surviving. The snow acts as an insulator for them so they can ride out the Winter until it is time for them to emerge again. Not exactly what you want to think of when dreaming of warm weather coming but it pays to be ready.

Dog Not Gone and No Fly Designs will showcase our product line of tick repelling apparel for pet & people at Home and Garden events all over New England this Spring. We have simple outerwear for everyone in your family to throw on when going out to keep the ticks off.

Our event schedule goes as follows:

February 21-24: Connecticut Flower & Garden Show

March 1-3: Vermont Flower Show

March 28-31: Maine Flower Show, Portland

April 6-7: Seacoast NH Home Show

April 12-14: Bangor Maine Flower & Garden Show

May 17-19: Fryeburg Home Garden Flower Show

If you can’t make a show, our products can be purchased on our website or you can visit one of our local dealers listed on the website.

No Fly Designs and Dog Not Gone keeps your family safe, seen and insect free!

No Fly Designs and Dog Not Gone keeps your family safe, seen and insect free!